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Home Gaming Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Bad Textures FIX

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Bad Textures FIX

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If you're running an NVidia GPU follow the whole procedure, if not, proceed to In game changes.

NVidia Users:

  1. Right click on Desktop and select NVidia Control Panel
  2. Manage 3D settings
  3. Change to Program Settings tab
  4. Select Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare
  5. Power management mode
  6. Select Prefer maximum performance
If you notice more than one .exe files on step 4, make changes mentioned on steps 5 & 6 on all .exe files of the specific game.
In game changes:
  1. Options -> Video options -> Advanced Video
  2. Light and shadow options -> Cache spot shadows OFF & Cache sun shadows OFF
  3. Post process options -> Anti-Aliasing Filmic SMAA 1x & Filmic Strength ~50%
The rest settings are up to your personal preferences and your computer's performance.
RESTART the game after applying (saving) settings!
Last Updated on Friday, 16 December 2016 14:42  
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