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Home Hardware DJI Mavic Mini 01.00.0500 FIX

DJI Mavic Mini 01.00.0500 FIX

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Many people have reported issues like motor speed errors, insufficient power, hard falls while flying etc. The following fix solves the motor speed errors, as tested. I didn't have any other errors so I can't say if this procedure would fix the rest of them. But it does worth giving it a try! The following procedure will REFRESH the firmware of the drone. No downgrade needed. Steps:

Download DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic (There's a seperate version for mavic, matrice, phantom etc drones!)

Install the software and run the software.

You'll be prompted to connect the mavic mini in a specific way.

Power up the drone.

Connect it to your computer in less than 20 seconds.

It will show up after connecting it. Click on it, select the latest firmware. If you're already on that version, just refresh. If you're in a previous version, upgrade.

I had the motor speed error message, that I think also caused some people's drones to fall suddenly from sky. The above procedure seems to have fixed that.

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